Ever Fawkes II

So, I’ve yet to share any of my YouTube videos on here. I don’t know why that is, but here is one I’ve recently made. It’s a video about me. I’m not making it public until tomorrow, so you guys will have a bit of a sneak peek. Enjoy.

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∞ △ Ever Fawkes


・WEEK 3・

・WEEK 3・

Week 3: Plant

This was a simple one. So, I decided to draw Monsieur Cacti Esquire XIII with a top hat, monocle, etc., because I believe plants have lives too. Fancy ones, nonetheless. Perhaps in their own little plant lives they throw little plant parties while we’re all turned the other way. Rock on you fancy plants.

∞ △ Ever Fawkes



My eyes roll open, it’s a new day. New possibilities in store, new ideas to come. There’s something scratching at the back of my brain. Nagging at me. Addiction. How could the first thing I want when I wake up be to waste away on the computer? There’s a vast, beautiful world out there, and the first thing I want is to plug into virtual reality and simply sit for hours on end.


The sun beats down on my pale skin, caressing me. Finally, outside. I lay there, grass scratching at the small of my back. A gentle breeze kisses my face. That’s when it happens. Of course that’s when it happens. I see it, unbelievable. I see the most extraordinary thing in the near distance. I sit up. I feel it; the urge, the addiction. I need to photograph this, film it, something. Only, I’ve forgotten my camera. A punch to my needy gut. I can’t even relax without a hint of craving for technology.


My knuckles rap on the plain door. My friends invited me over. Typically, when asked to hang out, I imagine people go out to do lovely things. My friends like to stay inside, do the same thing each time kind of thing, which I am okay with. Anyway, my friends are all waiting for me when I get in. It’s cold inside. The artificial chill nips at the back of my neck and reaches my toes. I tell them to pick out a movie (standard routine) while I go grab a blanket. I make my way down the hallway and pick out the fluffiest blanket with a big tiger printed on it, my favorite. I head back to the living room, blanket in hand. They’ve already started a movie and I notice they all have colorful, chunky somethings resting in their hands. I see lights flickering from their little screens throughout the movie. Oh, phones. They don’t even acknowledge, or maybe they just don’t notice, the remarks I make during the movie. They each appear to have molded a sort of strong, physical connection between their hands and their phones. It appears unreal to them to detach from technology while merely watching a movie.

Technology on technology on technology.

“Alright, so that was interesting. Actually, I rather enjoyed that a lot. I’m not much of a writer, but I thought I’d try something new out. Free writing isn’t so bad. This subject has been kind of nagging at me for a while; the constant addiction to technology we’ve all grown. So I thought I’d give it a go to make up these stories on how I feel about it. Ohh, this love/hate relationship with technology kills me. Constantly wanting to smash my computer into tiny, little pieces, only to realize that I can’t possibly get anything done without it. How do you feel about technology nowadays?” ∞ △ Ever Fawkes

・WEEK 2・

・WEEK 2・

Week 2: Self

Ooh, this one was quite challenging for me. Be it drawing, painting, etc., people are just not my strong point in art. As you can see lips are definitely not my forte. But that’s the whole point of this challenge: TO CHALLENGE MYSELF. I’m hoping by the end of this yearlong test I will have improved skills and possibly my ability to draw people will improve. I’m always open to any constructive criticism, so let me know what I could do to better my people-drawing skills! ☺

∞ △ Ever Fawkes