My eyes roll open, it’s a new day. New possibilities in store, new ideas to come. There’s something scratching at the back of my brain. Nagging at me. Addiction. How could the first thing I want when I wake up be to waste away on the computer? There’s a vast, beautiful world out there, and the first thing I want is to plug into virtual reality and simply sit for hours on end.


The sun beats down on my pale skin, caressing me. Finally, outside. I lay there, grass scratching at the small of my back. A gentle breeze kisses my face. That’s when it happens. Of course that’s when it happens. I see it, unbelievable. I see the most extraordinary thing in the near distance. I sit up. I feel it; the urge, the addiction. I need to photograph this, film it, something. Only, I’ve forgotten my camera. A punch to my needy gut. I can’t even relax without a hint of craving for technology.


My knuckles rap on the plain door. My friends invited me over. Typically, when asked to hang out, I imagine people go out to do lovely things. My friends like to stay inside, do the same thing each time kind of thing, which I am okay with. Anyway, my friends are all waiting for me when I get in. It’s cold inside. The artificial chill nips at the back of my neck and reaches my toes. I tell them to pick out a movie (standard routine) while I go grab a blanket. I make my way down the hallway and pick out the fluffiest blanket with a big tiger printed on it, my favorite. I head back to the living room, blanket in hand. They’ve already started a movie and I notice they all have colorful, chunky somethings resting in their hands. I see lights flickering from their little screens throughout the movie. Oh, phones. They don’t even acknowledge, or maybe they just don’t notice, the remarks I make during the movie. They each appear to have molded a sort of strong, physical connection between their hands and their phones. It appears unreal to them to detach from technology while merely watching a movie.

Technology on technology on technology.

“Alright, so that was interesting. Actually, I rather enjoyed that a lot. I’m not much of a writer, but I thought I’d try something new out. Free writing isn’t so bad. This subject has been kind of nagging at me for a while; the constant addiction to technology we’ve all grown. So I thought I’d give it a go to make up these stories on how I feel about it. Ohh, this love/hate relationship with technology kills me. Constantly wanting to smash my computer into tiny, little pieces, only to realize that I can’t possibly get anything done without it. How do you feel about technology nowadays?” ∞ △ Ever Fawkes


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